Pemba Oil and Gas Service Centre Environmental Site Supervision: Ecological construction monitoring, development of Subsidiary Plans and Fisheries contingency and livelihood restoration plan

This is a biodiversity and water monitoring project associated to the construction of an Oil and Gas Service Centre in Pemba.

This project is related to the construction of the Pemba Oil & Gas Service Centre (Cabo Delgado), which will support the marine activities associated to this industry.

Under WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff coordination, Biodinâmica services at the site include the biodiversity and water construction monitoring and the development of several Subsidiary Plans, such as the Biodiversity Management Plan, Biodiversity Offsets Plan, Recue and Restoration Plan, Emergency and Preparedness Plan and also, the Fisheries contingency and livelihood restoration plan.

Additionally, Biodinâmica’s team provides environmental awareness to local communities and training for the construction workers.




October 1, 2015
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