Mozambique Marine Ecosystems Review

Biodinâmica in partnership with CTV has developed the “Mozambique Marine Ecosystems Review” for Fondation Ensemble from July to December 2014. The document was published online in December 2014.

The purpose of the review was to analyse in detail the available information on the broad situation of the marine ecosystems of Mozambique, and highlight the critical gaps in available data or research. The report enabled Fondation Ensemble and its partner the Oak Foundation, or any other interested stakeholder, to deepen their understanding of the broad marine ecosystem situation in Mozambique and help establish intervention priorities for practical field initiatives and/or on research within the areas of marine biodiversity conservation, and/or sustainable fishing.

Biodinâmica has gathered a team of specialists who undertook an extensive literature review of the actual situation of the Mozambican Marine ecosystems. Key stakeholders on the area, Coastal populations, Applicable legislation, Coastal and offshore ecosystems, Biodiversity, Marine Protected Areas, Fisheries, Existing and potential threats to marine ecosystems were the topics developed. Several recommendations were proposed and pertain essentially to research and monitoring; management and conservation; networking, dissemination of information and capacity building; legal and institutional framework; and funding. Ecological indicators for major ecosystems and flagship species as well as social indicators have also been proposed.

Fondation Ensemble
December 29, 2014
106, Pemba, Moçambique
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