“Roundtable on the challenges of sustainable fishing in the Quirimbas National Park”

Biodinâmica team was responsible for the roundtable facilitation within PHARO project of OIKOS, and its final report

The ISTITUTO OIKOS, in collaboration with the Quirimbas National Park (QNP), is implementing the PHARO project (Protection of the coastal and marine habitats of the QNP for the food security and economic development).

Within component B, was agreed that a Round Table discussion would be performed with the aim of sharing the learnt lessons during the implementation of previous projects by the QNP partners and by work experiences with the Community Fishing Councils (CFC) in order to identify synergies, collaboration mechanisms and continue the successful activities.

Biodinâmica, S.A. was hired as a facilitating team, having tasks such as: to plan themes for discussion, mediate the working sessions, and write a final report.

February 15, 2016
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