Biodiversity Baseline Assessment and definition of the Biodiversity Management Plan, Ecosystem Services Plan and Monitoring Plan of the MOCOTEX Agri-investment

This is an ongoing project for MOCOTEX within biodiversity and ecosystems assessment

The purpose of this project (which is currently ongoing) is to expand farming areas for 10,000 ha, being categorized as a Category A project and needing a full environmental impact assessment.

The main objectives are to develop a biodiversity management plan and detailed surveys in case of being identified relevant species or habitats during a preliminary survey.

Our team is responsible for undertaking a biodiversity (flora and fauna) baseline assessment for all DUAT areas; carry out the Ecological Impact Assessment; prepare a Biodiversity Management and an Offset Plan; prepare an Ecosystem Services Evaluation and Management Plan and; a Monitoring Plan for wildlife corridors at each DUAT.

March 1, 2016
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