Algae Monitoring Programme integrated in the Environmental Management Plan of Moatize Industrial Complex and its expansion

Under ERM Mozambique coordination, this is an ongoing biological monitoring programme with periphytic algae which Biodinâmica is undertaking at VALE Mozambique facilities in Moatize , in order to asses the ecological quality of water.

Biodinâmica, under ERM Mozambique coordination, is undertaking a biological monitoring programme of the periphytic algae, collecting samples and performing analysis on water quality.

This biological monitoring programme is integrated in the Environmental Management Plan (EMP) of the Moatize coal mine project of Vale.

It aims to evaluate the changes in composition and structure of the periphytic algae community in different rivers, in the region of Tete and Moatize, contributing to the ecological quality assessment of water. Sampling shall be carried out for two years, with 2 sampling per year (one in the dry season and another in rainy season).


March 2, 2016
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