Biodinâmica in a Round Table in Pemba with Quirimbas National Park and OIKOS

Biodinâmica was present in Pemba as a facilitator of the Round Table on the sustainability of Fishery resources in the QNP, organized by that institution and by OIKOS

The INSTITUTO OIKOS, in collaboration with the Quirimbas National Park (QNP), is implementing the PHARO project (Protection of the coastal and marine habitats of the QNP for the food security and economic development), which aims to promote biodiversity conservation and economic, cultural and social development of the people living in the coastal area of the park, through integrated actions which promote an equal, sustainable and renewed management of the natural resources.

Within component B, was agreed that a Round Table discussion would be performed with the aim of sharing the learnt lessons during the implementation of previous projects by the QNP partners and by work experiences with the Community Fishing Councils (CFC) in order to identify synergies, collaboration mechanisms and continue the successful activities. The expected results were:

  1. Establishment of synergies between the different stakeholders to define collaboration agreements;
  2. Drawing a plan for data collection and formulation of a monitoring methodology;
  3. Identification of sustainability mechanisms for CFC functioning;
  4. Elaboration of a training plan for the CFC and fishermen.

A participation methodology was set for the Round Table discussion. INSTITUTO OIKOS and the QNP hired Biodinâmica, S.A. as facilitating team, having such tasks as to plan themes for discussion, mediate the working sessions, and write a final report. The event occurred in Pemba during 15 and 16 of February at the Meeting Room of the Provincial Directorate for Agriculture and Food Security of Cabo Delgado. The facilitation of the event was done by Dr. Isabel Silva, with the support of Hugo Costa and Nicole Cossa, with the presence of about 30 participants.

The final result was positive and we are grateful for the invitation by the QNP and by ISTITUTO OIKOS.