Nicole Cossa, the new Biodinâmica intern

Meet Nicole Cossa, the new intern at the company, which is finalizing her course on Biological Sciences in the Faculty of Natural Sciences, University Lúrio.

Biodinâmica has a collaboration agreement with the University Lúrio since 2013. This protocol includes, among other things: exchange of scientific information and technical resources, joint participation in projects, training, environmental education, scientific awareness, seminars, technical and scientific publications and internships with students of the University.

After the two institutions have applied to several projects together, 2015 turned out to be the year of the effective implementation of the partnership. In addition to a course on biodiversity given together with FCN-UniLúrio to their teachers and QNP’s rangers and another on benthic macroinvertebrates given by Biodinâmic to the UniLúrio teachers, these institutions have won a joint project of ecological monitoring of a large infrastructure in Cabo Delgado. Now, the year 2016 begins with another objective already achieved: conducting an internship with FCN students in a business environment.

Nicole Cossa is 21 and is finalizing the final year of Biological Sciences at FCN-UniLúrio. Her internship includes training in various areas of activity of the company, support in the organization of the bibliographic, photos and GIS database, preparation of biological databases (Fauna and Flora) and support work in the field and office.

Welcome Nicole, we count on you!