New brochure for Taratibu (QNP)

Have a look and download Taratibu’s brochure (Quirimbas National Park), which has been designed by the trainees of the workshop held by Biodinâmica and UniLúrio.

Biodinâmica and UniLúrio have lectured the workshop “Understanding, study and promote the sustainable use of biodiversity at the Quirimbas National Park” last May 2015, which was sponsored by WWF, Russell E. Train Education for Nature Program.

The final task of the workshop was the design of an ecotourism brochure for the amazing place where the biodiversity training was held: Taratibu lodge inside the Quirimbas National Park (Cabo Delgado, Mozambique).

Download the brochure and help us showing this magic place to tourists who really enjoy living in the wild respecting it.

Biodinâmica gives training to environmental/biodiversity professionals and and environmental awareness sessions to students and local communities (read more about this here).

Taratibu is a Swaili word that means “step by step”.

Download: Taratibu’s brochure (PNQ) – 2015