Delson Luis Vutane, Biodinâmica’s new intern

In compliance of the Collaboration Protocol that Biodinâmica has with the University Lúrio since 2013, the company gave an internship opportunity to another finalist student of the Faculty of Natural Sciences.

This internship consists in an internal training in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), in the use of traps for monitoring and capture of mammals (e.g. Camera traps and Sherman traps) and in the use of a multiparameter probe for measuring water parameters. This will also allow the intern to be involved in a working environment and to give him the experience of being integrated in a company environment.

Delson Luis Vutane, is a 21 years old student, natural from Inhambane, south of Mozambique, and finalist of the Biological Science course in the Natural Science Faculty at Lurio University in Pemba, Cabo Delgado. His internship regards the “Preparation of biological databases in GIS (Fauna and Flora) and to give support in the company divulgation and in some projects (trough field and desktop work)”.

Biodinâmica is pleased to welcome Delson!