Course on Macrobenthic Communities Monitoring

Under its cooperation agreement with UniLúrio, Biodinâmica promoted a one week course on macrobenthic communities monitoring targeted to a group of professors of the Faculty of Natural Sciences.

The Course on Macrobenthic Communities Monitoring was held in the week of 9 to 13 November 2015 on the FCN-UniLúrio campus of Pemba and was taught by Master David Piló, currently finalizing his PhD in this specialty.

The course was promoted and financed by Biodinâmica under the cooperation protocol with UniLúrio and aimed to empower a group of teachers in planning, sampling, processing and analysis of samples of macrobenthic communities. Since 2014 Biodinâmica has partnered with UniLúrio and the international company Creocean for the provision of ecological services in the marine environment for the Oil & Gas Industry and this is one of the planned actions to empower the Mozambican technicians of the team in the types sampling that will be made available to the clients.

This is the second training action promoted by Biodinâmica to the teachers of FCN-UniLúrio since the beginning of 2015. In the first half of the year through funding from WWF, resulting from the submission of a joint project Biodinâmica / FCN-UniLúrio, teachers and rangers of the Quirimbas National Park were trained in different specific components of Biodiversity. Additionally, Biodinâmica has also done a presentation on Ecological Impact Assessment during the FCN-UniLúrio’s Scientific Journeys last September.