Biodinâmica trains UniLúrio’s teachers

Biodinâmica was at Lúrio University to carry out a training to some teachers of the Natural Science Faculty in the use of technical equipment for Soils Granulometric Analysis

On February 2nd, 2017, Biodinâmica held at the Faculty of Natural Sciences of UniLúrio university campus (in Pemba) a training within the scope of the memorandum of understanding between these two institutions. This session aimed to train a group of teachers in procedures for soils granulometric analysis, using a sieve shaker.DSCN0021


The session initially had a theoretical component to present a protcool example. The practical session focused on the assembly and test of the sieve battery shaker, using a soil sample collected at the campus of UniLúrio. This is an equipment that Biodinâmica uses in some projects that require soil analysis.



Training is one of the working areas of Biodinâmica. Since 2014 we have been promoting training activities at the Natural Science Faculty of UniLúrio, as well as with groups of other local organizations or institutions, on subjects related to biodiversity and monitoring studies.