Biodinâmica refreshes its image

After 3 years of activity Biodinâmica has refreshed its dissemination communication and marketing materials, including its website and signature.

The Biofund event, which was held in June 2015 marked the launch of Biodinâmica’s new promotion and communication materials. These include: brochure (available for download at our website), capability statement and portfolio, powerpoint presentation and website.

Biodinâmica’s was considered as very attractive, so the new materials are a a refresh and update of these. For example, in the case of the website, its basic structure has been maintained. The text and images were updated and the technological infrastructure was replaced, which gives the user greater ease of navigation, and a more visually appealing.

Finally, our signature has also been redesigned to “looking deep into nature”, thus summarizing the way we work: based on our know-how, conduct in detail our projects, providing our clients the best solutions in a perspective of sustainable development.