Biodinâmica participates in WINHO OPERATION in the City of Pemba

On 20 May, the Biodinâmica team joined to the WINHO Operation organized by UniLúrio.

WINHO Operation is an initiative organized by the Faculty of Natural Sciences of Lúrio University and developed in partnership with the Municipal Council of the Pemba City, which consists in cleaning and collection all the waste found around all the beaches of Pemba, Cabo Delgado province The main objective of this iniciative is to bring more awareness and transmit ethical and moral values and principles for the correct use of those spaces in order to preserve the local ecosystems and human well-being.

In compliance of the collaboration protocol that Biodinâmica has with UniLúrio, we joined to this operation by participating in the cleaning of Wimbe beach, which counted with participation of Municipal Council representatives, members of the CCAP, some secondary schools of Pemba City and the organizing body.