Biodinâmica in Pemba

Biodinâmica has settled in Pemba and is operating from this city since January 2015.

Biodinâmica has now a delegation in Pemba from where its operating since January 2015. Back in 2013 Biodinâmica and UniLúrio have signed a protocol for the development of scientific research, capacity building and joint services in Biodiversity. This protocol is being implemented by Biodinâmica together with the Faculty of Natural Sciences (Pemba) and in April 2015 these institutions will undertake their first capacity building action in the Quirimbas National Park.

Biodinâmica is a Mozambican company specialized in Biodiversity and Environmental assessments. Environmental Impact Assessment; Biodiversity and Water Monitoring; Biodiversity Conservation, Planning and Managment; Environmental Training and Awareness are the main services provided by the company.