Biodinâmica facilitates WWF workshop

In the past June 23rd, Biodinâmica facilitated a workshop to discuss the possibility of create an Area of Sustainable Use of Natural Resources in Palma and Nangade.

This workshop is part of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) project The preliminary feasibility study to establish an Area of Sustainable Use of Natural Resources in the region of Palma and Nangade, Cabo Delgado. It is believed that the creation of this area will benefit local ecosystems as well as those who make use and depend on it to survive.

The goal of this first approach event was to encourage the development of synergies and coordinated actions between provincial, district and local governments, communities, Civil Society Organizations and private sector, assessing a potential interest among them.

The workshop took place in Nangade district, on June 23rd, 2016 with a total of 18 participants from various organizations. At this moment our team is analysing all the results, which will be available on a WWF report afterwards.