Biodinâmica establishes partnership with international company Creocean

Biodinâmica has established a partnership with the international company Creocean for the provision of specialized environmental services to the Oil & Gas industry that is installing in Mozambique.

Working from North to South of Mozambique over the last 2 years, Biodinâmica, established a partnership with an international company specialized in providing environmental services to the Oil & Gas industry: Creocean. With projects in the Indian, Pacific and Atlantic Oceans (in this case in deep offshore), this company saw Biodinâmica as the ideal partner to work in Mozambique. The association between the two companies, together with the fact of Biodinâmica already have a protocol bound to UniLúrio, allows the creation of a team comprised of local staff trained to provide onshore and offshore services such as Habitat Vulnerability & Sensitivity Mapping, Fish, Sea Reptiles, Birds and Mammals Monitoring, Physical, Chemical and Biological Water analysis (Zooplankton, Phytoplankton, Benthic Fauna, including Macro and Meio/Infauna) and Coral restoration, translocation and monitoring.