Biodinâmica attends Worksop about Marine Protected Areas

Biodinamica attended a workshop on improvement in the management of marine protected areas that took place in Maputo on June 23, 2015.

This event was held in Hotel Cardoso (Maputo) and was attended by experts in studies

and monitoring of marine habitats and species in marine protected areas (MPA), and

managers representing institutions working with marine resources management.

The meeting had its primary objective the production of recommendations, based on the discussions on the priorities in research and monitoring in MCA’s:

  • Internal capacity of MCA’s
  • Ongoing research and monitoring programmes
  • Publication and / or sharing of information of the studies in progress and results of monitoring
  • The current level of use of science in decision-making level of management MCA’s

The workshop met the defined goals and a list of recommendations to the future management of the Marine Protected Areas was produced.

Carlos Litulo, Biodiversity Technician