Biodinâmica at the IV Provincial REDD+ Forum in Pemba

Biodinâmica was present at the IV Provincial REDD+ Forum in Pemba, under the Integrated Management Programme of the Cabo Delgado Landscape.

In the scope of the actions for preparation and implementation of the Integrated Management Programme of the Cabo Delgado Landscape, the Forum was carried out with the main purpose of making an Action Plan to reduce deforestation and forest degradation in the seven districts covered by this Programme, namely, Ancuabe, Macomia, Metuge, Quissanga, Meluco, Montepuez e Ibo.

The Action Plan will contribute to the effective involvement of stakeholders in the implementation of leading actions to reduce deforestation, and will support the Government and stakeholders in the rationalization of efforts for a sustainable management of natural resources and for a sustainable development promotion.

This meeting was attended by about 50 participants representatives of Civil Society Organizations, Private Sector, Government, the Academy of Local Communities and the World Bank.

Biodinâmica is a member of the Technical Group of Natural Resources for Cabo Delgado e actively collaborates with the group in the meetings that have been promoted for the Province. Biodinâmica provides services for Conservation, Planning, Management and Monitoring of Biodiversity and the Ecosystems, as well as technical training in these issues.